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A list of the most helpful guides in the Furry Fandom.


These links are not meant to be scary - they are meant to be strictly informative. These things are not at all exclusive to furries - but are seen throughout the internet and in real life. These guides are made to make the fandom a safer place and to make people more aware of issues they otherwise may not know about.

Feel free to post any links posted below or this website itself - it is a free fandom resource and there is no crediting required.

https://furryfandomsafetyguide.carrd.co/ - A website made to bring awareness to predators in the fandom and throughout the internet. This guide has info on abuse- gaslighting- grooming and more.

https://propagandainfandomspaces.carrd.co/ - The furry fandom has an extensive history of having an alt-right presence. How to spot common dog-whistles and why furries are a common target for alt-right propaganda.


https://blackmentalhealthmatters.carrd.co/ - Resources for mental health for the black community owned by black/p.o.c.


Things I would like to include in the future (written by me or otherwise) :

  • DM Messaging Guides basic online etiquette, how to respond to minors when they may be looking for NSFW underage, how to approach situations.

  • Furry Fandom and Race how to be inclusive of other races and ethnicities. Things you should not do/say and why.

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